“Well That Was Fun”

The Results Are In

Initially our Beta test, which we extended, was about seeing where we had gaps in our processes and simple testing of systems. Also, and for the sake of total transparency, we hoped to gain testimonials, and convert people to lifelong customers through our over the top service and high quality.

What we didn’t expect, was to have to reevaluate the very core of what we were trying to achieve and having to face some hard realities about where we were on that path.

A basic thing we discovered; we were a lot better at some things than others. Hence you will see a greatly cut down list of services we currently offer. Why? Because we are confident that we can “knock these out of the park” every time, and for that is what we want to be known. We don’t want to be just, “okay” – we want to be totally, “awesome”.

That means every single customer has to leave us feeling they got an amazing deal and a supplier for life. The customer experience has to be flawless from beginning to never end, because it is too much value to abandon.

That’s our current vision – welcome to Modern Publishing Services; we are amazing at customized book covers and manuscript evaluation – we’re great value, professional, and easy to work with. Find out for yourself.


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